How To Repair Cracks In Concrete

When your concrete develops a lot of cracks, tripping hazards occur or rather diminish the good looking of your driveway or walkway. The best reason to use concrete is that it’s a long-lasting material, but this doesn’t guarantee that it is not going to wear, once cracks or holes develop, you should repair it as soon as possible. Materials needed for you to fix this include: concrete mix, wire brush, protective clothing, chisel, hammer, masons trowel, and a putty knife.

Below are steps on how to repair your cracked concrete successfully;

  1. Choose the product to use in repairing the concrete.

You are advised to use a concrete repair mix available in all online repair shops or home centers. Some of the mix to use include motor mixes, latex patching material, and epoxy compounds. Mortar mixes best fill big cracks while the remaining products best suit small holes and cracks.

  1. Prepare the damaged area for patching.

Remove loose or crumbled concrete using a hammer and chisel by making slight chips that are about an inch deep in the working area. Use a wire brush and scrabble the area clean to get rid of lingering particles. Since this procedure is dusty, prefer using a tarp in the working area to facilitate easy cleanup. Always wear protective clothing in this phase.

  1. Fix the damaged part.

You should use latex if the area to be repaired is narrow. First, mix the latex by following the manufacturer’s instructions and apply the mix to the affected area by use of a putty knife or masons trowel. If you decide to use mortar, it’s the best option for big and wide concrete imperfections. Mix cement with masonry sand and enough water to create a thick paste, make the damaged area moist, apply your mixed mortar using a masons trowel, and then smooth the patch to acquire a flat and level field. After all, that, leave the area for around two hours and then cover using a plastic sheet to keep it moist. Remember to sprinkle the area with water to prevent cracking.

Concrete in walkways brings nearly absolute aesthetic value to our houses, offices, and even towns. To ensure that the cost is maintained, it is, therefore, our duty to ensure that we prevent future cracks in the concrete by following the above procedure and those from professionals.