How to Maintain Sliding Glass Doors

Always keep your sliding door track clean and tidy if you want to conduct opening easy because the sliding doors become difficult to open since the track accumulates dirt and debris. Two methods will help you maintain your doors in a smooth sliding way, and it’s also an easy way of making the doors durable

The methods have simple steps that, when correctly followed, they make your work easy. Below are the methods and their steps.

  1. The thorough way

The method should be used at least once a year to thoroughly clean and lubricate the track in your sliding door. You should firs remove your screen door because it is easily lifted and off the track. You should remove the drapes, or any other window furnishes at your door and then grasp each end of the door and push it up so that the wheels on the bottom of the door clear the track. Keep pushing the door upwards while pulling it towards your direction until it clears the opening. Use a wire and brush to loosen the dirt from the wheels. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove debris from the wheels and the entire door parts. Apply non-sticky lubricant to your wheels. Ensure the rollers are free from debris, and they are easily moving, vacuum the door track, wipe out the door, apply the same lubricant to the track, lift the door from the sawhorses, and position it to the track. Let rollers into the track and slide the door back and forth until its sliding smoothly.

  1. The quick way

Your door will have a normal slide if the door isn’t too pressed with dirt. But it is advisable that you thoroughly vacuum the track while the door is still closed, slide it wide open to access the other side of the track, remove any dirt from the track, vacuum the loose dirt and use an old rug to apply non-stick lubricant to the track, finally slide the door open and close several times to make sure the lubricant is evenly spread.

You are also advised to lubricate your tracks often in a few months and be sure to clean both sides of the track. You should also clean the track every month with a wire brush as the brush loosens dirt deposits, making them easy to vacuum.