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    March 08, 2007


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    » What's Philippe Starck thinking about? from metacool
    Quite a lot, as it turns out. Until the TEDTalk video comes out, Tom Guarriello's great blog post about Philippe Starck's incredible speech at TED last week will have to do. It's a good brain rattler. photo credit: PMO [Read More]

    » Philippe Starck And Why There Is A Backlash Against Design And Innovation. from NussbaumOnDesign
    I spent Wednesday working on a speech on why designers are the enemy of design for Parsons School of Design + Management and came across a bizarre speech given by Philippe Starck at the recent TED conference over at the... [Read More]


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    guess here is an example of how attitude and - god forbid - speaking in metaphors can lead to misunderstanding.

    starck of course is a funny guy. did you know that when he opened his consultancy in hong kong 'the key' he said he did this to help china to rise against the usa who was bashing france so fiercely at that time?

    maybe bruce could never really forget that...

    Tom Guarriello

    I saw Bruce's post and commented on it here:

    Didn't know that about Starck's comment. I'm intrigued by all this "backlash against innovation and design" that Bruce sees. I don't.

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