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    March 01, 2009


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    Untapped potential... I don't think it's necessarily a new problem. And I see how technology could really help to bring about the type of change you're talking about. There will always be squandered talent and ideas - but more tools exist now to help pull it out, and bring it to the surface.

    Tom Guarriello

    No, Ken, certainly not a new problem. What we have now, however, are conditions that make it necessary for us to tap that potential and the means to help us do so. Like droughts make water more precious, those tools and conditions may lead to a new regard for talent.

    Megan M.

    AGREED, dramatically, dramatically agreed! I started watching this video and had a feeling I was going to be vehemently agreeing with you very soon. ;}

    We need to see the potential in one another and support, nurture, feed, encourage it! There's so much there!

    Tom Guarriello

    Glad to hear your vehement agreement, Megan! Some of us are obsessed on this topic.


    To help others find and use hidden talents they never realized they had.

    Life's mantra. What else is there?

    triiibe on!

    Tom Guarriello

    Very nicely said, Bonnie. Send me a DM on Triiibes! I'm there, too.

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    Bigger Government is never the answer. We'll end up like Europe, which every expert will tell you is not endearing.

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