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    August 15, 2010


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    What a nice Sunday morning post.

    Sean Bohan

    Been thinking a lot about time lately... your timing is excellent sir!

    See you in Boston :)

    Tom Guarriello

    Thanks, Jeremy.

    Look forward to seeing you in Boston, Sean.

    Ken G.

    I don't believe in time. If I can't touch it, smell it, or taste it, it doesn't exit.


    Keep the "odd thoughts" coming!

    Love this phrase of yours, "reducing it to a shrunken-headed caricature of a year."


    Keep creating...oddly,

    Tom Guarriello

    @Ken, I'm with you. Material reality for me; none of these abstractions!

    @Mike, thanks! It's my experience that the odd phrase stealthily seeks out the odd mind as its host!

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