Bedroom Makeover Ideas – Thrifty Ways for a New Bedroom Look

Are you deadly bored with your bedroom? Are you on a budget and fed up? Do you need to make a change in your life? Well, look no further because here are some really easy bedroom makeover ideas which won’t cost a fortune – in fact, some of them are free!

Take all the furniture out of the bedroom, do a thorough spring clean and then have a really good go at putting it back in a different configuration: the room will instantly take on a new feel.

Whilst you’re doing this, consider your bedroom furniture and whether you are going to put it back at all. For smaller rooms use a minimal number of pieces, and conversely if a room looks too sparse think about adding in an item from elsewhere in the house.

Paint is your new best friend. A lick of paintin a fresh new colour will make your bedroom come alive and give you a real lift too. Be a bit more daring than usual and go for something striking rather than plain old magnolia, maybe bright green or striking red.

Add to the wow factor as your new-look bedroom comes together and lift the bedroom furniture further with a set of new bedding. There are many cheap options out there which can look a million dollars. So have an open mind and just do a bit of research because you never know what you might find and you might get yourself a good deal.

Get the accessories just right. A few pictures and well chosen ornaments will make all the difference and don’t have to cost a fortune, not at all. Beg or borrow from family members, ask friends for donations or simply head to the nearest car boot sale or flea market and pick up some treasures. You never know what gems you could find.

Soften the edges and create a cosy environment with a couple of extra cushions, maybe a throw and even some new curtains. Fabric remnants can be picked up for a song and with a bit of cajoling Mum might just whiz them up on the sewing machine for you.

The final touch to really make your day is some fresh flowers. Buy them yourself or better yet, a gift from a loved one. Perfect to make you smile every time you see them.

In the end, the most important thing is to have fun, so take a chance and go a little crazy because you can always change it when you’re bored!

Judd Sutton